LoL Level Boosting

The Fastest Ways to Level 30?
Playing Normal Games: Normal PvP games give much better experience rates than bot games. However, you will likely win around 50% of your normal games on your way to level 30, whereas you will probably win closer to 100% of your bot games. Without boosts it can take upwards of 250 normal games to reach the required experience for level 30 - that could be up to 250 hours of playtime! Definitely not quick if you aren't using experience boosts. 
Playing Bot Games: You will probably win close to 100% of the bot games you play, however the experience they give is much lower than normal games. Plus, they're a bit boring to play. On the plus side experience boosts still work in bot games, which makes levelling a bit faster. Even with boosts though, you're probably looking at close to 150 hours of playtime to reach level 30. Without boosts... well good luck - it's going to be a long and boring ride!
PS: How to confirm is not a robot software Boosting?
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Approximate boost time: 2-4 days