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How do designers use the new rune system?

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Long ago we mentioned that Azer will get a small update. We think his mechanism is great, but because of his skill group there is no obvious shortcomings, so it is difficult to maintain his balance. Recently we are exploring the possibility of change, the most likely level of change is the recent rewards of the rewards.
Which involves the program has to reduce his mobility, attack range or outbreak of ability, and then enhance the other aspects of the ability. It is likely to spend a few months time, so other heroes of the small changes may be the first baked. Although there is no practical content, but we still need to tell you to confirm this point.
The game can be used in general game BP mode
If someone is interested, we recently (like last week) added a feature that you can choose in the general game LCS game BP style. So if someone wants to host their own game, perhaps this feature will be useful, and you want to use this model in the training team and so on. The reason for this is that we have not talked about this content before, so some people may not know this feature.
7.11 version of the follow-up work
7.11 version has been on the line a week (national service yesterday on the line), we have some work will be in the 7.12 version. Next is the identified changes, we will observe how the players to adapt to them:
Thousand jue - may be too weak. We are testing to improve her base attack power (54 to 57), Q skill bonus (65% to 75%), W wolf speed (1200 to 1400), slightly raise the duration of W, and slightly lower E's blue consumption (70 to 50)
Rickets - it seems very weak. (35.6 to 57.5), growth armor (3.4 to 3.75), attack power addition (40% to 80%), R stability (more difficult to avoid this damage)
Marzhaha - change direction looks pretty good (play style is more healthy). Although it is not certain, but we suspect that he is now in the single line too strong. We will discuss today whether he needs to update in the 7.12 version, or wait until 7.13 version. The reason may be to strengthen too much (and therefore may be callback).
Lo BUG repair
As the current performance of Los below expectations, so we are trying to reduce his E skills CD. We noticed a BUG this week, his passive from the value of life / shield bonus effect of the upgrade. We will remove the E skills of the Buff, at least for now, until we find out what affects the BUG fix work, we will not be much stronger about the Los.
More new runes

We will talk about more new runes earlier this week. Let us know that you have no special want to see the rune effect. Although we can not give you a guarantee, but we will still see what can be done.

Training patterns and malicious head-on sanctions program

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And then to the Week's Ask Riot section, the official designer will be based on some of the questions raised by the player to answer, and this week to answer is the same team with the malicious players do, runeside calendar and training mode will be updated?
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Q: What if I do the same team with a malicious game or a player?
A: long story short, burst focus, with the team, shielding malicious players, after reporting them.
The players who encounter this kind of malicious game in the game are very frustrating (we certainly have the responsibility that the current system is not flawless and we are reducing this happening), but even so you are still with the other three So) win the game a team of people. We discuss the following, which programs can deal with these teams of malicious players.
Communication is a good program to convince the team to see if there is a chance to make this unsuccessful teammate back to shore. A game of 4 to 5 is very depressed, but not completely no chance. Keep calm mind, and teammates actively cooperate, maybe there are unexpected victories. In addition, and malicious players to communicate is also worth trying to, if they also want to win, just take a detour? This and deliberately send head or destroy the game experience is different, if you can find a compromise position, even closer to victory The
Shielding them
If the malicious player communication is invalid, still destroy the game experience, but your team would like to win, then block and mute him, so you can better focus on the game.
Report him after the game
To send head or destroy the game experience to report malicious players, so that we can try to limit their impact on other game games.
Unfortunately, some games can not win. If you and your teammates agree that this happens, then you surrender as soon as possible. Quickly out of a bad game, you can try to reduce the game on your mind and the impact of the game.
Queuing up
In the selection stage strong retreat is a choice, but there are also consequences, because this is definitely not the ideal solution. If you choose a kindergarten game because of his teammate back, causing their punishment, that feeling really bad (we know this is a problem, in the attention). If the game looks like a malicious player has no chance to win, then the strong back is to protect their last stroke.
Malicious players are a fact in the game, and once they appear in your team, it's certainly harder to make the win. It is also a lot of time and effort we have to try to solve the problem, but there is no perfect solution (never malicious players), keep your passion, and strive for victory.
BY Riot Nakyle, game countermeasure system team, player behavior communication person in charge
Q: Rune where there is a calendar, how do we check the time?
A: We are carrying out a wide range of worlds to build behind the scenes, hoping to bring you a more in-depth, complex and rich set of runes, which definitely includes the calendar and our world view of the measure of the event. Developing a time concept and measuring it with culture is definitely a unique challenge. Making the calendar system This kind of thing will be very complicated and very different, it is possible to abstract people can not focus on the story itself.
It is natural for viewers to convert from virtual time to real time to make sure that we have a stronger sense of the region (whether it is cold winter or summer heat), and if you spend too much effort in your mind Understand, then we disrupted the story of the narrative process. If confused and the real world is too similar, but also feel that we are very lazy, missed the runes for the land to bring some interesting things.
Often, from the perspective of the role of the world to observe the time is to find the best answer to the way, time for a variety of reasons are different. If you are a maritime culture, then the ocean cycle is the driving force of your observation time, your calendar focuses on the tide, storm, style and the location of the moon. In addition, if your culture is focused on worship, then the calendar has a lot to do with ladder movements, sun routes, fasting or important festivals.
Explore the Rune of the earth in these things, the most exciting part is that we have a variety of cultures, and their values ​​are different. Of course there may be a widely used calendar in the world (arguing which culture it is also very interesting to argue), using a major calendar also needs to be added to the local culture. I look forward to the heroic building team in the future of the Hero Alliance universe, in-depth sharing of things about this.
BY Red Trinity01, story strategy and development team, product leader
Q: Why is the training mode limited to only one player?
A: With the popularity of training patterns, we hope to focus on the benefits of the broadest range of players, including tail knives, even strokes, playing wild and the like, from bronze to the king of the players are able to benefit from, especially you want When a hero is quick to test something.
Make these functions into a complete training game. Multiplayer sandboxes and even custom game editors are needed to have more resources than existing training patterns, and now we have other priorities and opportunities for more projects that require us to pay attention, especially now the training mode also To meet the needs of most heroes Union exercises.
For short-term planning, the training model is certainly not perfect (very far away), we hope that this model for some of the game quality adjustment, of course, will continue to add more new large-scale game system (such as plant systems). At present we are concerned about some of the items on the list (can not guarantee but under consideration), including the provision of dummy or mobile virtual control, can add more enemy AI computer, the world to buy equipment and repair equipment cooling refresh problem.

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